Google G Suite Email Account

Google G Suite Email Account

Everything you need in one package.

Google G Suite ( Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business ) on your Domain Name ( your website name )

Cloud-based productivity suite for business that helps you get work done from anywhere on any device. G Suite is a highly collaborative yet uncomplicated tool to run any business, irrespective of its range-big or small. Google hosts all these tools to enable the user to reduce IT costs and maintenance costs. When a small business decides to move on G Suite, it is said that the organization has taken the best ever step to become productive and fruitful enough to run the business successfully. Employees of that particular organization will begin to know the facts and potential of this powerful tool. Using G Suite, the organization gets more customized email addresses, calendar, mobile email and IM access. No additional software or hardware is required to access it. It’s default spam filtering is considered to be the leading filter in the whole industry.

99.9% uptime is guaranteed in G Suite with 24/7 email and phone support. It’s setup is available for small businesses, education, government and also non-profit organizations.

Try G Suite free for 14 days.

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